About Uppsala kammarkör

The choir sings at Volt 2011 in UKK

Uppsala kammarkör is a mixed choir of more than 30 singers of all ages. What characterises Uppsala kammarkör more than anything is our curiosity and undaunted lust for new fields of vocal experience, performing a wide range of choral music. During the past few years we have made full concert productions in such styles as French impressionism, Eastern European 19th-20th century music and jazz, among many others. We often sing newly composed music and regularly get the honour of first-ever performances. Uppsala kammarkör confidently sings a cappella but happily along with other instruments too.

Uppsala kammarkör is a non-profit organisation. The choir’s affairs are handled by an elected board of representatives from its members. The board, along with the conductor, decides what projects will be undertaken during the year. Each project (or concert) is supervised by a developing team of volunteering choir members.